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GreenNoise @ “Nuestros Vecinos Silvestres / Our Wild Neighbors” Conference

GreenNoise was invited to participate this past tuesday in a conference held by host and property owner Fernando Madrigal along with conservational group “Gente y Fauna”, at Finca Sensoria, on the northern part of the Rincón de la Vieja Volcano.

The conference gathered community leaders, local vets and biologists, forest rangers of the ACG (Area de Conservación Guanacaste) and tour guides that operate in the zone.

The conference explored the importance of educating local cattle farmers and landowners on how to deal with large feline attacks on their livestock and domestic animals.
The effort is a result of hard work and investigation by local scientists and biologists who have traced large felines in Costa Rica and in this specific zone, combined with the tragic death of a large female jaguar which was hunted down by affected farmers some weeks ago.

After setting various cameras along the National Park and bordering reserves, the investigators found important feline activity. Cameras recorded various Pumas or American mountain lions, as well as ocelots and a couple of jaguars (one of these appeared to be a pregnant female). Along with the felines the cameras also reported other endangered species such as Tapirs/Dantas, Collared Peccaries/Saino, Pacas/Tepezcuintle, Agoutis/Guatusas, amongst others.

Costa Rica’s wildlife is battling with growing urban zones and extending cattle farms, along with their human settlers. Conflicts appear due to lack of information on these wild animals, illegal hunting activities and excessive and uncontrolled tourism; as well as constant loopholes in the wildlife conservation laws that have been proposed by the Costa Rican Government.

Conclusions suggested changes in cattling activities, such as fencing properties to avoid stranded livestock in the mountains, livestock insurance in case of death by feline attacks, night illumination in corrals, and most important: education on the subject.

The last part of the conference was an opportunity for us at the GreenNoise team to present our project as a an educational tool for schools and tour operators, and also an informational guide of Costa Rica’s different forests and their magical sounds. GreenNoise is working hard to build a virtual platform that hails Costa Rica and it’s wildlife in a technological and interactive way.

GreenNoise appreciates this initiative and thanks Don Fernando and the crew at Finca Sensoria (Johnny, Pablo & Luis), and also the team that makes “Gente y Fauna” a great conservation, education and research entity.










Partners of Amigos de los Parques Nacionales

We are proud to announce that we are “founding partners” of the program “Amigos de los Parques Nacionales” (Friends of National Parks).The “founding partners” exclusive category is the foundation of the program and is comprised of 100 businesses and organizations with a strong environmental commitment, who are willing to support Amigos de los Parques Nacionales of Costa Rica.

What is “Amigos de los Parques Nacionales”?

Amigos de los Parques Nacionales is a membership program created by ProParques, Fundecor and SINAC that offers people, organizations and businesses the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment towards Costa Rica’s National Parks.

We invite you to visit the official website for more information: Amigos de Los Parques Nacionales Costa Rica.

Learn more about "Tropical Forest Founding Partner".

Shhh… Listen! Isla Damas Dawn

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Shhh… Listen! Isla Damas Noon

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Shhh… Listen! Isla Damas Dusk

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Shhh… Listen! Isla Damas Midnight

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GNSession 22 - Carara Midnight

11:56 pm

It’s a night of a full moon. The light makes its way into the forest ground. Millions of insects sound together like a voice of electric frequency.
Leaves on trees and on the ground make cracking sounds as night creatures such as raccoons make their way into the night. The air is calm and heavy in this forest that mixes dry forest and rainforest characteristics.
With some concentration you can make out individual noises that mix in the night. From crickets to bats, all together in this summer Midnight.





GNSession 18 - Cabo Blanco Midnight

2:19 am

A moon that’s almost full lights up a midnight shore. It casts a shadow that sounds with dry steps as we walk by.
The ocean lies a few feet away with a nightly rhythm of wind and waves.
The night is dominated by insect sound, a perfection of natural chaos that no beat can control.
As the wind blows, it fills out the void of this clear summer night, shaking palm trees and fallen leaves that give in to midnight.



GNSession 17 - Cabo Blanco Dusk


Cabo Blanco. A really hot day is about to end. As Dusk tries to cool the moment, night life begins to come alive. The sky is colored in orange and blue tones that mix on the horizon of the Pacific Ocean.
Birds of daylight hours have flown back to their nests, and with darkness come creeping noises that grow from all around. Howler monkeys sound fierce but in peacefulness they go to rest.
To our front, the ocean speaks in crashing waves. To our back, a forest shifts moments in loud and intense noise. Different calls ring back and forth, from crickets to geckos, to bats and night birds.
It’s a whole new tale that lives to be heard. The birth of a new night that comes with this Dusk.








GNSession 16 - Monteverde Dusk

5:35 pm

As another day ends the forest falls in darkness. A light rain pours from the clouds that pass by. Birds return to their nests in joyous calls. The wind still blows above, filling the air with a mist of cold. This rain keeps the forest in harmony raising a new nighttime.
Once again a bird plays melodies of rusty hinges and green darkness. Bats and night birds hurry to the scene, while far within the flora insects activate their calls. Toads and frogs begin to ring their rolling noise in this great Dusk.
We’ve concluded with this Session the first four Spots of many else to come. Stay tuned for the next GNSessions at Cabo Blanco!20120304-182757.jpg20120304-182912.jpg20120304-182923.jpg20120304-182837.jpg20120304-182939.jpg20120304-182952.jpg20120304-183019.jpg20120304-182856.jpg